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Acerola Berry Powder

Acerola berries (or acerola cherries, as they’re also known) are incredibly healthy. Championed for its apparently unrivalled vitamin C density, our natural and organic acerola berry powder is packed with nutrients, vitamins and other healthy compounds. And it’s as easy to slot into your daily diet as practically any superfood powder. So grab some top quality acerola powder to support the glowing health and sheer enjoyment of you, your friends and family! We also deliver bulk packs and flexible supply plans across the UK and Europe.

Why should I use acerola berries?

Acerola cherry powder, lesser-known as barbados cherry powder, is widely prized as one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C. Not only that, it's packed full of other vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, making it an excellent health supplement - and an easy way to add some extra goodness into your diet. Our acerola powder has a wonderfully tarty taste too, and is often added to smoothies, shakes, juices, but can also be sprinkled over yoghurts, cereals... wherever you like!

In short, there's a whole heap of reasons to get eating acerola berries. If you'd like to know more, check out this resource which cites so many of the benefits people across the world have credited to this super berry.

An essential smoothie-making ingredient

One of the most common, easy, effective and downright tasty uses for this berry powder is in smoothies and juices. As well as praising the nutritional brilliance of acerola berries, this website dishes out some delicious smoothie recipes that you simply have to try. Though the recipes call for puree – we believe that acerola powder works at least as well. If not better!

These concoctions will give you an excellent platform for further discovery and inspiration. They contain 3 major smoothie types that always hit sweet spots on your tongue and brain; sharp, clean, zesty and fresh; berry-based and creamy; and moorishly green and chocolatey. Of course, there is an almost endless mix of smoothie making approaches. So get your acerola cherry powder, and get experimenting!

Other top tips and best acerola uses

You can use our natural and organic acerola powder in lots of other ways too. Try these!

  • Throw it into your hot chocolate or other creamy drinks
  • Sprinkle it on your breakfasts. Acerola is a great partner for porridge and cereals - especially muesli and trail mixes.
  • Get creative with your salads. You may already love to sprinkle our dried tomato, raisins, healthy seeds and other classic ingredients onto or into your salad bowls. Why not move things on a stage, with a sprinkle of this superfood powder? Acerola goes beautifully with sliced apple, carrot, peppery lettuce and lots of other crunchy fruit and veg.
  • Whisk acerola powder into your morning juice, or add it to any of your favourite drinks.
  • Experiment, and tell us what gems you manage to create!

Share your handiwork

If you have a killer recipe, or better yet a really healthy one, please spread the word! We love hearing about and sharing new recipes, especially from our delighted customers. So share your ingenious acerola uses, tips and recipes with us (and other food fanatics) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.


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