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Cashew Nuts

Cashew trees are mainly found in North-eastern Brazil, but these sweet and creamy nuts are now widely produced in India, Vietnam and Africa. Like all nuts, cashew nuts are packed with nutrients which support our health in a number of ways. They are also delicious in any form, be they raw unsalted cashew nuts, soaked overnight, roasted and salted (not the healthiest option, but very tasty!), crumbled into cashew pieces or blended into creamy butters and vegan milk. Whatever your preferences, raw, natural and organic cashew nuts boast countless culinary uses particularly in Indian cuisine . So be sure to buy cashew nuts for a go-to snack at anytime of day and start adding to homemade curries.

Cashew recipes and uses

The creamy, smooth, sweet and utterly irresistible taste of cashew nuts makes them fit for a thousand recipes. Wet the appetite and provide yourself with extra cashew inspiration, right here: check out our many cashew containing recipes. You’ll find a veritable jackpot of nutritious and delicious treats, meals and snacks with easy-to-follow steps. Think. Vegan cashew mayo, cashew nut milk, pasta dishes, cheesecake, jammy dodgers, sticky toffee cake, garlicky cream cheese, variously roasted nuts, risotto, salted caramel fondant, paleo ‘crème eggs’, a luscious smoothie and even ‘banana mocha bread are all in the mix!

These fantastic cashew recipes stand alongside a great number of classic uses for cashew nuts, including:

  • Simple raw snacking
  • Creamy cashew curries and saucy dishes
  • Soups, stews, hot-pot dishes and casseroles
  • Protein, fibre and general nutrition-boosting crunch for salad
  • Cake, dessert, home baking and sweet treat making
  • Nut roasts
  • Enhancing porridge, muesli, cereals and other breakfasts
  • Nut butter

If you are venturing into trying one of our recipes especially for nut butter, try our cashew pieces to make life that little bit easier!

Cashew Nuts Unhealthy? Fat chance!

Although cashews are relatively high in calories (around 550 per 100g), two key points are worth remembering. Firstly, the natural fats found in nuts are now known to be extremely healthy, unlike various other vegetable fats and hydrogenated horrors! Secondly, many people will testify that nut eaters tend to have more fat in their stools. This not only suggests that not all of the calories are absorbed, but that nuts could perhaps help to increase the general elimination of fats from our body.

And of course: these nuts are not only well-known for their rich, sweet flavour – they contain a wealth of minerals, vitamins, nutrients and nourishing qualities. For years many dietitians across the UK, Europe and beyond have championed the benefits of enjoying cashews as part of a healthy diet. Buy cashew nuts online from Buy Whole Foods Online for high quality nuts every time.




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