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Coconut Butter

Welcome to the best place to buy tasty, top quality, 100% natural and organic coconut butter! Choose from a healthy mix of sizes, from handy 250ml jars to extra affordable bulk coconut butter supplies, for the more serious coconut chef. All delivered at your convenience, anywhere in the UK or Europe. Whether you own a local bakery, large café, health food store, national restaurant chain or just manage an equally challenging household… coconut butter is one of the most essential cooking aids of all.

What is coconut butter?

Coconut butter is essentially the nutritious ‘meat’ of the coconut (that main, striking white part of the famous fruit). However, you may have noticed that coconut meat is naturally quite hard and tough to cut, mix, blend and generally use. So a fantastic way around this is to use powerful, precise blenders to make it smooth, spreadable substance. Essentially, that’s what all these top quality coconut butter brands are: 100% natural and organic superfood goodness that is coconut, made hugely flexible for cooking, baking and food prepping.

How to use coconut butter

  • Blend it into smoothies and healthy drinks
  • Spread it across your morning toast, crackers or any crunchy snacks
  • Create top-notch biscuits, cakes, cookies and similar sweet treats
  • Bolster your weekly workout routines by making your very own energy balls and snack bars, packed with this potent superfood!
  • Bake a million different desserts (although not all at once). See below for some truly sweet coconut butter recipes.
  • Get creative: use coconut butter wherever you like! Don’t forget that all common and recommended uses for any food are influenced by our wider local and global culture. Nothing is set in stone and whether you live in the UK, Europe or faraway exotic lands, you have the power to rewrite the rulebooks!

Top coconut butter recipes

The following pages are a goldmine of delicious coconut butter recipes. Whether you’re new to coconut butter cooking or a time-seasoned pro, make sure you check these out:

This page from Paleo Magazine boasts a dozen (mainly sweet) coconut butter recipes. It’s a great jump-off point for using this healthy butter in classic traditional ways. It’s also brilliant if you love to eat cleanly, heartily and healthily.

And if you’re really into baking. Fragrant Vanilla is a dependable resource for almost endless sweet treats – not to mention recipes that use coconut butter.

We simply had to include this resource. Such a colourful array of pictures - just asking to be clicked on! Just look at vibrant purple of those raw blackberry cheesecake bars, the green glow of the gluten free pea tart. Not to mention the deep, stodgy warmth of countless brown chocolate-y recipes made with coconut butter. There’s even a charismatic cat showing you how to make a healthy 5-ingredient cake batter mix to stock up your freezer with.


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