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Coconut, Desiccated

Desiccated coconut is an almost essential cooking and baking aid. We sell the very best desiccated coconut products online, delivering them to happy homes, bakeries and businesses across the UK and Europe. So if you love to make desserts and tasty treats like cakes, muffins, flapjacks, brownies, biscuits and cookies, or even unique savoury meals, you’ve found the perfect place. But of course, as with so many of our beloved coconut products our expert customers have found many more tips, recipes and general uses for desiccated coconut…

What is desiccated coconut?

Desiccation is basically a fancy term for ‘extreme dryness’. So our natural and organic desiccated coconut is coconut ‘meat’ (the fleshy goodness inside the famous super-fruit) that has been dried – leaving absolutely minimal moisture. This gives it a distinctive, deliciously crunchy, almost icing-like texture. Mmm, mmmm. After careful drying, our desiccated coconut meat is then grated and kept unsweetened, giving you heaps of nutritious goodness, without the excessive sugar intake.

Our favourite desiccated coconut recipes

Listed below is a selection of our team’s favourite desiccated coconut recipes. Even if you know why you want to buy desiccated coconut today, there is always room for discovery, inspiration and growth (as we know countless customers agree!).

Other tasty and healthy uses

As well as the classic and exotic recipes shown above, we wanted to also wanted to share some top desiccated coconut uses with both our UK customers and food lovers across Europe. Here they are:

  • Add it to countless cakes, puddings and other tasty desserts
  • Use it in all your favourite sweet snacks like biscuits, brownies, muffins and flapjacks
  • Sprinkle it on fruit salads
  • Bolster your breakfast cereal with a smattering of delicious desiccated coconut
  • Add it to trial mixes, homemade cereals and fruit, nut and seed mixes
  • Blend it into your very own chocolate making schemes
  • Make savoury meals special. As the BBC link above shows, adding desiccated coconut to savoury meals can give them a whole new dimension of tastiness. So give it a whirl!

Top quality desiccated coconut products

Quality is paramount. Our number 1 aim is to provide wholefood products and an all-round service that satisfies, impresses and delights. Thanks to ongoing praise from thousands of independent reviewers, we are sure of our general success in this essential area.

But we can always do more! If you have any thoughts, queries, suggestions or ideas about any of our desiccated coconut supplies, please get in touch with us for free. Your views are the biggest shaping force of our entire company, and this will always be the case.


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