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Coconut Oil

Smartly sourced and expertly extracted, our organic coconut oil makes a pretty convincing case for itself. In fact, you can cook or make almost anything with it! Coconut oil also lasts for ages, making it a great bulk-buy kitchen-stocker too. With totally unrefined, non-hydrogenated, unbleached, non-deodorised and even odourless versions available, our organic coconut oil range offers something for every culinary use - at home or in the professional kitchen (“What’s the difference?” we hear you say). And did you know? Coconut oil is literally the healthiest cooking oil in the world!

The endless uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for:

  • Baking or cooking just about anything!
  • Butter and hydrogenated oil replacement
  • The most naturally abundant source of lauric acid
  • Moisturising skin treatment
  • Creating hair and beauty treatments
  • Making soap or soothing balms
  • Almost countless cooking, snacking and other health and beauty recipes.

Precious properties

Cold-pressed and yielded from coconuts, mostly throughout the Philippines, this highly versatile natural and organic oil remains solid white at room temperature due to its sheer purity. Our natural and organic coconut oil is cold-pressed using a process that does not involve heat, which ensures the high yield of it's various beneficial nutrients.

It is also a readily available source of lauric acid, the main anti-viral and anti-bacterial source found in mother's milk. Presented in a butter-like consistency, it liquefies at around 25°C. So gently warm it beyond 24°C and the coconut oil becomes clear and thin, ready for heaps of healthy uses. A single jar will go a long way in any frying, baking or cooking you desire.

Coconut oil tips

A few top tips from our team are:

  • Try infusing our coconut oil into a sumptuous stir fry, Indonesian cashew curry, or just about any dessert recipe you can think of.
  • Coconut oil is a superb skin moisturiser and smells great too. Use it to relieve your dry hands in winter, or keep your skin soft at any time of the year.
  • Throw a tablespoon into your coffee or morning smoothie for a nice healthy and immediate energy boost to take you nice through your morning!
  • Substitute butter or margerine for this super healthy oil. Your body will certainly thank you for it!

Dont Forget

As well as a range of coconut oils, we also stock Coconut MCT Oil which has be praised for fits amazing help benefits. You can read more about MCT Oils benefits here.


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