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Coconut Water

Coconut water might just be the tastiest kind of water in the world. And that’s pretty handy if, like so many of us, you find it a little tricky to always drink as much as you should. The unique flavour and gentle sweetness of our natural and organic coconut waters can really help you keep honouring your minimum (or optimum) daily water intake needs. And health-wise, coconut water is awash with essential minerals and electrolytes to refresh and replenish the body – extra good news if you love to work out, work hard and/or play hard!

Choosing your best brand

We recognise that everyone’s taste buds are very different, and that’s why we supply a wide range of top quality brands to all our UK and European customers. So what is the best coconut water to try first? Our team are split on this – and are even waging coconut water over it. But here is a brief description of each main coconut water product, each approved by its biggest fan base within our team:

  • Biona only make pure, natural and 100% organic coconut water. And its wildest fanatics say its organic status really shows in the flavour. Grab a few cans (or a handy extra-value multi-pack) if you like beautiful, gentle nuttiness and full-flavoured satisfaction!
  • Chi make an easy-drinking, finely balanced coconut water that isn’t excessively sweet and not too nutty (or malty) either.
  • Dr. Antonio Martins offers a range of super-refreshing coconut water flavours – some mixed with other delicious fruit juices which must be tried! In our humble opinion. Acerola cherry, pineapple and ever-compatible banana are up for grabs… so you’re practically guaranteed to find something you love. Their pure, standalone coconut water is pretty great too.
  • UFC have nothing to do with the Ultimate Fighting Championship… or so they claim. Their coconut water will give you a smooth, round kick, with a tiny pinch (or punch) of almost cereal-like maltiness thrown into the bargain.
  • Vita Coco is a hyper refreshing brand of coconut water made solely from fresh young coconuts, so it’s deliciously sweeter than some.

Why use freeze-dried coconut water?

First, you may be asking “what the heck is freeze-dried water?” This handy substance is basically the condensed mineral and electrolyte goodness of the coconut water. It’s a readymade source of extra post-workout replenishment. Just sprinkle it to a glass of tap or mineral water (or any drink you desire), for a boost of natural coconut nutrition. Lots of our customers highly rate it as a naturally exfoliating ingredient to use in homemade health and beauty recipes too.

What is in coconut water?

The nutrients in this tasty beverage will vary slightly, depending on which water you buy. That said, the vast majority of brands will contain easy-to-digest carbs in the form of essential minerals, electrolytes and coconut sugar. Coconut water is typically packed with potassium, with more modest amounts with calcium and magnesium.

Low in salt and better for sugar

At the same time, this beautiful drink is naturally low in sodium (nearly always a good healthy thing) and the sugar it does contain has a lower GI and GL than lots of popular sugars. In fact, the drink as a whole typically has a super-low Glycemic Index of 3.


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