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Dried Blueberries

Lots of us know it – and their amazingly strong blue pigment proves it: blueberries are really healthy. And our fully natural and organic dried blueberries are certainly no exception! In fact, did you know that by drying fruit you concentrate the nutrients inside? As well as making it last longer! We sell top quality dried blueberries for heaps of culinary uses, from the classic to the exotic and adventurous. Read more below for some inspiration.

Why buy dried blueberries?

Dried blueberries are:

  • Incredibly good for you
  • Long lasting, keeping fresh for ages in your kitchen cupboard (but wrap them up neatly!)
  • An excellent ingredient for making tons of desserts and sweet treats. But don’t eat them all at once.
  • Surprisingly versatile. Dried bluberries make excellent jams, chutneys and other preserves but also…
  • A gem in this age of super-sharing. You’ll discover heaps of exotic and beautiful blueberry recipes online, and end up using them all the time! Read on for more suggestions.

Suggested uses

You might want to buy dried blueberries on their nutritional merit alone. But if you think they’re not very versatile, think again.

Of course, you can make some real classic recipes with them: throw them in delicious muffins, cakes and desserts of all kinds. But their tart tangy sourness will perfectly complement lots of sweet treats – so add them to any snack you like. Dried blueberries also give you lots of savoury options. A tangy jam, chutney or other preserve will never go amiss, and they also keep for ages. Besides, blueberries are criminally underused in this department.

The other option is to… experiment! Dried blueberries are a formidable ingredient if you want to make your own snack bars, energy balls and super salads (fruit based or otherwise). They’ll also create a unique and lively fruit and nut snack pack for your lunch, snack or post-work out pick-me-up.

Health and nutritional info

Dried Blueberries are jammed packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, making them a perfect guilt free snack, and treat. Not only do dried blueberries taste great, they are extremely nutritious, being high in Vitamin A and C. Studies suggest that blueberries have other health benefits too, such as promoting healthy digestion, weight loss, warding off heart disease, and more.

Top quality dried blueberries

We are serious about stocking and producing only quality products, and our team carefully pick from the very best producers and suppliers in the UK, Europe and beyond. The usual result is that we deliver top quality dried blueberries across the country and continent, to very high acclaim! That’s not just us talking. Well on this page it is, but here is our real proof from thousands of happy customers who are delighted with our service.

If you have any comments or suggestions you think we should know about, please get in touch with our friendly team or leave us a review.


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