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Guarana Powder

This stimulating plant extract is strong and multi-talented. Chances are you’ve heard of guarana already: a foodstuff often added to those ever-popular but ever-unhealthy artificial energy drinks sold across the UK, Europe and beyond. However, our natural and organic guarana powder packs a superb nutritious punch! And of course, you can use it in far tastier and much healthier ways, in your everyday diet.

Energy boosting prowess and precautions

First things first: guarana powder is chemically very similar to caffeine, and shares similar effects. Guarana powder has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as many people use it for its clean boost of energy, as well as mental and physical stimulation. The recommended dosage of Guarana powder is 500-1000mg taken 1-2 times a day, but it's not recommended to exceed 2000mg a day. Please be sure to take strong note of these safety guidelines, out of respect for science, your body and your health!

So what is guarana?

Guarana is a lofty ‘climbing vine’ belonging to the maple family and originating in the Brazilian Amazon. The beans, or berries, or ‘seeds’ of the guarana plant are harvested and prepared in much the same way as coffee beans. Incidentally, the caffeine content is naturally very high in guarana. So it’s little wonder guarana has been used as a natural source of energy and stimulation for thousands of years by native Amazonians.

For chefs and food lovers alike, the guarana powder we sell is easily the handiest form of the seed. It’s produced by carefully drying out the berry and then grinding it down in to a fine, long-lasting powder.

Popular uses

While we make absolutely no claims about guarana’s bodily benefits and effects, recent and historical anecdotes praise this unique plant very highly. Here are just a few of the ways in which people traditionally use and enjoy guarana:

  • Working aid. Many people have credited guarana’s stimulating properties for their increased awakeness, alertness and industrial zest!
  • Traditional natural headache remedy. Guarana is alleged to help relieve headaches and migraines naturally. Though we cannot state any scientific evidence to support this,
  • Hunger moderation. A number of studies suggest that guarana may help inhibit and moderate appetite.
  • Energy and stress moderation.

More potential benefits and commonly suggested uses for guarana powder can be found here.

Top quality guarana supplies

We supply top quality guarana products to homes and businesses across the UK and Europe. Our team have more than a decade of experience in sourcing, stocking, selling and delivering the very best wholefood supplies in our ever-changing world market. Whatever provisions you need, from handy kitchen-friendly packs to larger-scale commercial guarana supplies, we are always well equipped and flexible to meet your specific requirements.

Looking to buy guarana in bulk? Contact our team today to get top quality and competitively priced bulk guarana supplies delivered at your convenience.

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