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Gut Health

Having a healthy gut can be vitally important to our health and wellbeing but how do we achieve a healthy gut? There are a vast amount of articles online and informative podcasts about how you can improve your gut and how important it can be for a strong immune system, brain function and even mental health.

What is Gut Health?

Gut health refers to the state of your gut and how healthy it is. There are many signs and warnings that you may have an unhealthy or unhappy gut which are important to take note of. These signs could be but are not limited to upset stomach, IBS symptoms, changes in weight, fatigue and food intolerances. The gut can be aggravated by stress and lack of sleep, which can prevent us from digesting food adequately and causing issues in the body. Our gut acts as a second brain and can be highly affected by mental health and wellbeing, which can in turn cause adverse effects. This can be why when we are nervous we experience butterflies in the stomach.

Gut Health Foods

Is it possible to heal your gut through nutrition? There are many articles from health professionals that argue that we could potentially start to heal our gut through our diet from particular foods. These foods include lots of fiber through fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and grains, and introducing more fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and kefir which all contain good bacteria.

Food For Thought

We have pulled together some of our favourite gut health foods that will become your kitchen staples. Shop our range of gut health foods and introduce new foods that you may not have tried before. Experiment with adding flavours and lots of fresh vegetables for a meal that is friendly for your gut health. 



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