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Kefir is a unique and healthy drink with ancient origins. First created way back in the Caucasus mountains, it’s now enjoying a richly deserved revival. Looking for healthy animal milk alternatives? Or just a delicious new whole food to try? Kefir is perfect for this and so many culinary uses!

Go with your gut

If you’re hot on naturally probiotic foods (now widely praised for their digestion and gut-supporting properties) you won’t want to turn a blind eye to this beautiful, creamy and healthy drink. As this interesting article reveals, the healthy bacteria and yeast produced in kefir may have several beneficial effects in our body.

Lauded by the lactose intolerant

Many of our UK and European customers swear by kefir – and not least for the reasons mentioned in the above link. As you may have heard, natural and organic kefir can be formidable ammunition for those who are lactose intolerant to any degree. So if you want to cut your lactose intake, or just support your body better – we strongly recommend this delicious yet slightly under-publicised milk substitute!

Other highlights

Kefir has lots going for it:

  • Rich in protein
  • A great source of various essential minerals
  • Provides vitamin A, D and various B vitamins
  • Very versatile (see our tips below)
  • A great milk substitute
  • Unique tasting and full-flavoured creaminess


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