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Ketogenic Foods

The ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular amongst individuals looking to improve their diet and lose a little weight. The keto diet is essentially a very low-carb diet that focuses on consuming little or no carbs including limiting fruits, starchy vegetables and pasta.

What are keto foods?

The keto diet focuses on increasing healthy fats and reducing carbs in order to lose weight. There are a vast amount of articles to be found online to gather all the knowledge you may need to start this new regime. Examples of keto foods are:

Tip: Try making your own bread using keto-friendly ingredients to replace regular breads that you may feel you’re missing out on. You can even use the basis of bread making to create your own keto pizza - top with chopped peppers, cheese and olives.

Stock up on a range of herbal infused teas to have throughout the day for a caffeine-free hot beverage that quenches your sweet tooth.


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