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Manuka Honey

Like most honeys manuka is mega-handy and versatile, but its sheer richness, sweetness and amazingly deep, distinctive tang also makes Manuka honey totally unique. It’s very healthy too, as you may have heard from very positive media praise across the UK and Europe. We sell one of the very biggest and of course best manuka honey product ranges online. Here you’ll find everything from subtle to high strength (18+) blends, delivering potent and delicious doses of the widely-praised and extra healthy Tea Tree pollen. So pick up some super-nourishing super-honey right away!

A little more about Manuka's healthiness

Manuka tree honey is a natural product that is made by bees who feed primarily (and often entirely) on nectar from the medicinal New Zealand tree known as the Manuka or Tea Tree. The raw manuka honey is reported to have unique antibacterial properties above and beyond the hydrogen peroxide-generating properties of ordinary honey. 

The special “active” manuka honey benefits are quantified by the honey’s UMF or Unique Manuka Factor that ranges from 5+ to 20+ and which is measured by laboratory testing. The higher the UMF, the greater the antibacterial activity beyond the normal antibacterial qualities found in honey.

For more information, take a look at this eye-opening article from the BBC, which seemed to help kickstart the UK Manuka honey craze back in 2004. A fascination and a love which, it seems, is never going away. In fact the praise, respect, demand and adoration for Manuka Honey seems higher than ever - particularly in Europe.


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