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Marine Phytoplankton

Of all the super-nutritious and speciality foods we sell across the UK and Europe, Marine Phytoplankton might just be the most incredible superfood of all. These unique single-celled beauties flourish in the surface waters of across our magnificent blue planet, taking energy from sunlight and grabbing nutrients from a wide array of sources. The culinary result is an amazing nutritional boost. As with other algae superfoods like spirulina and chlorella, the taste isn’t for everyone, but this is easily masked by other flavours, especially in tangy juices and smoothies. Besides, the uber-nourishing kick is well worth it!

We simply couldn’t live without it

Marine phytoplankton lives and grows plentifully in waters all around the world. As this eye-opening NASA video explains… “This invisible forest of phytoplankton is critical to life on Earth. Phytoplankton provide the base of the marine food web.”

...and even more incredibly…

“Through photosynthesis, phytoplankton generate one half of the oxygen produced on Earth that all animals, including humans, need to breathe. The blooms of phytoplankton also take carbon dioxide out of the surface waters, making the ocean an important carbon sink.”

So it seems we, and all our fellow earthly creatures, probably would not even be alive at all if it wasn’t for this amazing superfood.

Some phytoplankton nutrition facts

Our natural and organic marine phytoplankton is pretty incredible when it comes to its nourishing powers. Some impressive, heart-warming and body-nourishing highlights include…

  • Phytoplankton is an excellent source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. This includes 9 key amino acids that our bodies require but cannot produce by themselves.
  • It’s one of the very best vegan sources of EPA and DHA in existence. In fact, many of the widely-touted fish oils and related health supplements get these precious nutrients from phytoplankton itself.
  • It’s absolutely packed with minerals that are vital to our health
  • Marine phytoplankton is easily digestible, with a very high bio-availability of its nutrition. This essentially means phytoplankton’s goodness is easily absorbed by us, ready to be put to good use by the genius of our human bodies
  • Phytoplankton is a great alkaline food, to help you fast, detoxify, cleanse and otherwise soothe your system.
  • It’s one of the most complete nutritious foods you could ever get into your diet. So buy phytoplankton and you’ll be strengthening your nutritional war-chest with another powerful ally!

How to use phytoplankton

It has been noted that, like chlorella and spirulina, the very nature and origin of this food strongly influences its taste. Many people note that marine phytoplankton is quite salty and somewhat ‘fishy’ tasting… However, many of our customers say they quickly warmed to and very much enjoy this flavour in quite a short space of time. And even if that doesn’t reassure you – do not worry! The taste of phytoplankton is very easily masked within smoothies, protein shakes, juices and other flavourful liquids.

So all you need to do is add a spoon or two to your daily smoothie or fruit juice, and you’ll be loaded with a wealth of super-healthy goodness. Lots of our staff, associates and health-conscious food lovers (like our many customers across the UK and Europe) swear by a daily dose of this marvellous mineralising marine superfood!

Let us know what you think

We always love to know that happy customers are enjoying our various wholesome wholefoods. Want to share your passion for using our natural and organic marine phytoplankton? Please do so! You’ll find us on all the most popular social media sites, so post your homemade treats, tips and praises to your friends and family – and tag us up too.

We look forward to hearing even more of the good stuff!

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