Millet Flakes

Millet flakes have a delicious, naturally sweet flavour and create a highly nutritious breakfast to start your day. They resemble a slightly coarse oatmeal and when combined with other flakes, and a touch of milk, makes the perfect high protein breakfast.

There are a number of benefits for consuming millet flakes as a healthy start to your day. Due to having a high protein level it can often be a firm favourite for those in the fitness industry or people that generally love to work out and keep active.

Our millet flakes are quick and easy to buy online and are a great way of naturally increasing your daily fibre intake. There is around 20g of fibre for every 100g of millet flakes, therefore an average bowl (around 50g or 0.5 cup) could contain up to 10g of fibre.

Benefits of Millet Flakes

Our millet flakes are just that, nothing added, nothing taken away. They have an abundance of advantages such as:

  • Low in fat
  • Low in sugar
  • High in fibre
  • High in protein 

Ways to Use Millet Flakes

Millet flakes are just as versatile as oats and can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Cook with your choice of milk to make a warm bowl of porridge 
  • Combine with other flakes and dried fruit for a luxury muesli
  • Bake with oats, dried fruit, nuts and seeds to create your very own crunchy granola
  • Use in baking cakes and muffins for added protein

To make millet porridge

Making porridge using rolled millet flakes is super easy and has the perfect consistency when combined with your milk of choice. Simply:

  • Place 1 cup millet flakes in a saucepan 
  • Add 1 cup milk of choice and ½ cup water
  • Stir whilst heating on a medium heat
  • Once the texture thickens reduce the heat 

Feel free to add flavour with spices like cinnamon or a touch of honey, and add your favourite toppings from chopped nuts and seeds to fresh and dried fruits. 

Buy Millet Flakes Online in UK & Europe

You can buy millet flakes online quickly and easily for fast delivery to the UK and Europe.  We sell a range of sizes from 500g right up to large bulk sizes depending on your requirements along with the popular organic millet flakes.

It’s good to note that we have a fantastic, knowledgeable customer services team on hand to assist throughout your purchasing process should you need advice when it comes to shopping for your  millet flakes.



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