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Neem Powder

Neem powder is a powerful herb, made with the leaves of the Neem Tree, which grows throughout India and the Indian subcontinent. It's been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 4000 years. And while our natural and organic neem powder can be enjoyed traditionally, as a tasty tea, it's really versatile. You can even use it to create a neem paste, ready for a wide range of personal care recipes! The herb is often used to make natural hair, scalp and dandruff treatments and nice soothing balms for red or irritated skin. Neem powder has long been believed to have many healthy cosmetic benefits - and we now know it to have various nourishing compounds as well as some antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

How to use neem powder

This unique powder is now most commonly used to make therapeutic health and beauty recipes. Internally, a modest amount (we advise no more than a teaspoon) can also be added to water, smoothies and juice drinks and any of your favourite food recipes. Below we've added a small list of unique and nourishing neem recipes, ranging from the tasty to the topical, and from the traditional to the extra-luxurious. Let us know what you think!

Important note: a recommended intake for this foodstuff is not yet established. However neem is a quite potent herb so please only use small doses. Please take care not to stray from safety guidelines and be as caring as possible whenever you make, eat or cook with our food products – and all food in general!

Health and beauty boosters

Here’s a couple of resources that we think show-off the prowess of neem powder brilliantly. We hope you have fun discovering and making the most of these specialist creations!

10 Amazing Uses of Neem Powder

This article details a very broad array of practical bodily uses for neem powder – covering all kinds of key areas, from your head down to your feet.

3 Neem Recipes for Clean and Healthy Skin

After providing us with a tidy explanation of the many virtues of neem powder, Jaya Sharma then gives us three very different and quite unusual face mask recipes to explore. They’re incredibly dynamic and you’ll find a very inventive use of other whole food ingredients like gram flour, tulsi leaves and even moisture-rich curd. And after seeing the beautiful, luscious and deep green picture for the first recipe, how could you resist giving it a whirl?

Tasty and healthy neem recipes

Super-Tasty Green Moong Daal Vada

'Green Moong Daal Vada' is traditionally made with mung beans and a variety of other ingredients. They look like extra-colourful onion bhaajis or pakoras, and they carry a similarly satisfying texture and aroma. This recipe is a real treat, and offers a great opportunity to use a pinch of your natural and organic neem powder. It really bring things to life!

Neem Juice

A daily health tonic made and loved by many (especially in India and the UK). It’s super-simple, full of lush green goodness and ready for your flavourful customisation! Don’t forget, like so many of our superfood powders and speciality foods, neem powder is a great choice for boosting fruit juices and homemade smoothies with extra nutrition.

Other top tips

  • Throw a humble amount of neem powder into your curries for even more aromatic (and enigmatic) flair.
  • Add just a pinch of neem into any homemade bread or vegan cheese recipes to heighten that savoury satisfaction.
  • Neem seems to work well in pastries, pies and doughy treats of all kinds.
  • If in doubt, whip it into a tasty juice!
  • Forget what culture tells you: food is what you make of it. So engage your taste buds and eager culinary intellect to find new ways of using this hallowed wholefood! (…as if you needed our encouragement)

What is it good for?

We are not at liberty to share too many details of why neem powder may be beneficial to your health. But we love reading up on this kind of thing ourselves! Here’s a great resource if you want to learn more about the nutritional content of neem, which a number of our staff have found to be very useful. It certainly helped persuade us to keep our personal neem supplies in good order!

And you'll even find a smart little infographic thrown into the bargain. Sweet!


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