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Organic Cranberries

Dried cranberries are considered to be a specialty crop and is a delicious fruit that when dried are sweet to taste. In their natural form they have a slightly bitter taste and are great added to fresh fruit salads where sweetness is provided by other fruits. Most commonly, cranberries are sweetened with sugar or apple juice during the dehyrdration process to develop a sweeter, more enjoyable flavour that is easier to consume. Whether you love organic foods or not, our range of organic cranberries are by far the best option when it comes to choosing your option to buy.

Why choose dried organic cranberries?

Dried organic cranberries are considered to be the preferred option according to our customers when it comes to purchasing the dried fruit. The difference between organic cranberries and alternative cranberries is the production process. Cranberries derive from North America and are grown on low-lying vines, which when harvested are often flooded to promote growth. Organic cranberries on the other hand are grown completely naturally in their natural environment without the aid of fertilizers and other methods used to speed up the production process. This produces a purer form of fruit and is perfect for those who consume a completely natural, organic diet.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Organic cranberries are rich in antioxidants and provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals. The fruit is a source of proanthocyanidins which protects the body from building bacteria that can be harmful to the body. This can in turn aid in preventing urinary infections, which can be formed in the urinary tract. Organic cranberries contain a high amount of vitamins including the all important B vitamins and vitamin C which each have their own benefits.

Ways to consume organic cranberries

There are many ways in which you can start adding organic cranberries into your diet. They are excellent for snacking and adding to a range of recipes. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Bake a delicious, sweet and savoury organic bread
  • Add to muffin recipes such as cranberry and oat muffins
  • Scatter over organic porridge oats for a satisfying meal full of fibre
  • Try adding to salads for a welcomed sweet finishing touch
  • Team with your favourite nuts and seeds and create your own trail mix - for the perfect combination team with sunflower seeds, almonds and pumkin seeds

If you love cranberries, you will love our variety of organic options available to buy quickly and efficiently online. Product options include a wild cranberry powder that can be added to smoothies for easy consumption. We ship all of our organic cranberries to UK and Europe with a reliable and efficient postage service. We also sell a range of sizes in our non-organic dried cranberries for you to choose from if preferred.


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