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Maqui Berry Powder

Perhaps a lesser-known super berry, the sweet maqui is steadily gaining acclaim among healthy eaters in the UK, Europe and the world over. A growing number of gourmet chefs, however, will be familiar with its tangy deliciousness. Maqui lends itself to heaps of magical sweet and savoury recipes. Granted, many of these creations may be ambitious – but we know lots of you love to reach for the stars when cooking! Anyway, don’t strain yourself, physically or mentally: maqui berry powder is more flexible than you might think. Scroll down for lots more tasty tips, recipes and cooking resources.

What is maqui berry powder?

Maqui berry powder is a sweet tarty powder, similar in taste to blackberries. Made from the Maqui Berry which is native to Chile, the berry is rarely cultivated, as the bush grows abundant in the wild. Maqui berry powder is rich in antioxidants, including anthocyanins, which protect against inflammation, and could even help fight the onset of degenerative diseases.

Why buy maqui berry powder?

  • It’s super-healthy. Maqui contains lots of similar nutrients to other superfood berries. Not to mention a number of unique compounds, which scientists are only just beginning to mine for further nutritional gold!
  • It’s a must-have foodstuff for all superfood lovers
  • It’s a top smoothie ingredient. And it’ll add even more tang and zest and life to your homemade blends
  • Like all our delicious superfood powers, it keeps really well and should last you a decent amount of time before needing restocking. Just make sure you wrap up all your favourite wholefoods tightly.
  • Maqui berry powder has an absolutely unique flavour. So it's destined to impress every guest, friend, foe and family member you serve it to!
  • It's nice and versatile. As well as smoothie boosting, maqui powder is also a great with yoghurts, desserts, cereals and other sweet (and savoury) homemade treats. So grab a pack and start exploring and experimenting!

Maqui berry recipes

Maqui berry may not be hugely popular as yet. But this might well change in the near future, as pro and amateur chefs alike discover its sheer bounteousness. Maqui is traditionally used to make classically decadent desserts and sweet treats, as shown here. But it’s also a beautiful ingredient to incorporate in lots of your favourite savoury dishes and drinks. This resource should give you loads of inspiration for getting the best out of delicious natural and organic maqui berry powder.

And if you're looking to find out more about the maqui berry, it's nutritional strengths and flavoursome brilliance, check out this lively post from MoveNourishBelieve.com.

Happy whole food-ing!


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