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Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

Organic shelled hemp seeds, also known as hulled hemp seeds, hemp nuts or hemp hearts, come from the plant cannabis sativa. Hemp is truly one of the purest plants on the planet. Rich in a number of vitamins and minerals, these amazing super seeds are highly nutritious and a great addition to your staple diet. There are many ways in which you can use your shelled hemp seeds such as sprinkling on fancy smoothie bowls and salads.

Not only are our shelled hemp seeds good source of protein for a healthy diet, our organic range are used frequently for fishing bait. Organic shelled hemp seeds are one of the most natural ways to fish and popular with environmentally friendly fishermen.

What can you do with organic shelled hemp seeds?

Because our organic shelled hemp seeds have had the outer shell removed they are easy to use in a variety of cooking, baking and experimenting! Try making your own organic hemp milk to use throughout the day in your hot drinks and add to your smoothie. Alternatively you could sprinkle on salads, add to stir frys, and even ground them down to create a powder form that can be used for baking - the possibilities are endless!

Benefits of organic shelled hemp seeds

  • High in protein
  • Contains essential healthy fats
  • They have a naturally nutty taste that makes great organic milk
  • Can boost the amount of vitamins and minerals you consume throughout the day
  • Easy to use in a variety of recipes

If you want something with a little more crunch than the shelled hemp seeds try our organic hemp seeds that have the outer shell still in place or take a look a look at our other hemp seeds we have to offer. You can buy shelled hemp seeds online in a range of sizes from small to bulk and the quick delivery means you can start adding to your organic recipes very soon!


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