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Raw Honey

Raw honey, unlike your average honey, is unfiltered and unpasteurised, so it retains all the precious nutrients which are normally lost through heating and filtering. This means you are able to enjoy a pure product that's truly unrivalled both in terms of taste and nutritional prowess! Not to mention raw honey is a delicious, essential natural sweetener free from pesky additives that other conventional honeys may have. It's also worth knowing that raw honey contains a considerable amount of bee pollen - which may be considered a complete survival food, with a huge array of nutritious components. Bee pollen is a complete source of protein, which is more than any meat can boast! With so many tasty properties, it's no wonder raw honey is so widely loved, as both a food and a traditional therapeutic gem. Don’t believe us? Buy raw honey online today and start enjoying the sweet beauty of our natural, organic and super-healthy raw honey products.

What makes honey raw?

During making raw honey, heating is avoided in order to keep all of the natural vitamins and nutrients found in raw honey. Regular honey has been pasteurised (heat-treated) followed by a rapid cooling process to develop a clearer, cleaner and smoother appearance and creating a texture easier to handle for packaging. The heating process in pasteurised honeys unfortunately removes the majority of natural nutrients, enzymes and benefits that can be found in raw honey. Raw honey is taken straight from the honey extractor in its pure form and is not heated before packaging.

Benefits of raw honey

Raw honey boasts a number of nutritional health benefits including being traditionally used to sooth a sore throat, cough and other flu-like symptoms due to its natural enzymes that help to activate vitamins and minerals in the body. Honey also promotes a good heart functioning and a balanced level of blood lipids which can be great in maintaining a balanced level of cholesterol.

Organic raw honey

Raw, organic honey has a sticky texture and sweet taste much like regular raw honey but has been produced on an organic bee farm. An organic bee farm is quite simply a honey producing farm that follows the rules set out by the organic standards. It is also important to note that the entire bee farm that produces organic raw honey must not spray any chemicals on the flowers that they grow for the bees, making it a more natural process. We have a wide range of raw organic honeys for you to try, from set raw honey to flavoured infused raw honey - with the wide range available you will be sure to find something that you and the family will love! Add to a hot chocolate, smoothies, porridge and an array of savoury dishes too! Take a look at our honey recipes.



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