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Smoothie Ingredients

Drinking smoothies is a great and sneaky way of getting nutrition into your diet.

Making smoothies are quick and easy, and you only need a few ingredients.

Here's a basic guide to making healthy smoothies: 

  1. Fruit- Adding fruit to smoothies are a great way to get vitamin and minerals, you can choose from various different fruit or even vegetable such as kale. They can be fresh or frozen. 
  2. Base- Adding a base to the smoothie will help liquidise it such as Milk (Rice, Soy or Nut milk are healthier), Water, Juice, Coconut Water/Milk, Coffee and Ice Tea. 
  3. Texture- To thicken up the smoothie and give it a better texture you can add Coconut Oil, Natural Yoghurt, Chia Seeds, Oats, Ice Cubes, Psyllium Husks and Nut Butter. 
  4. Flavour- There are many healthy options you can choose to add flavours such as Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Dried Fruit, Cinnamon, Cacao Powder, Nutmeg, Stevia and Vanilla Extract. 
  5. Powder Boost- To give you a bit more energy you can also add Protein Powder, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen Grains, Maca Powder, Acai Powder, Guarana Powder, 


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