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Star Anise

Star anise has a beautiful, ever-so-slightly spicy and distinctly liquorice-like flavour. So it’s a must-have ingredient for any food lovers with a sweet tooth. Figs and dates pair fantastically with star anise, as does yoghurt, ice cream – and virtually anything with a vanilla tinge! But its amazing appearance and dynamic taste make this spice a worthwhile purchase for many more reasons. A variety of fish and vegetable dishes will benefit from this unique spice. In terms of tipples, mulled wine is simply incomplete without star anise, and a throwing a few into freshly brewed coffee is something every hot drink lover has to try!

Traditional therapeutic uses for star anise

For many centuries, star anise has been used as a versatile traditional remedy, associated with easing hiccups, wind, water retention and even quicker recovery from infections. Still today, many health conscious people across the UK, Europe and the world over turn to star anise as a complementary diet and wellness booster.

Please note that we cannot vouch for any medical efficacy of this spice, or any of our wholefoods. As such we strongly advise you research the healthy properties and any possible benefits of star anise independently. Remember eating well is essential for feeling good, but no substitute for proper health practice!


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    Star Anise

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