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Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour originates from the cassava plant where the tapioca is extracted. It derives from Brazil originally, however is widely used throughout the world as an excellent replacement for other flours during baking things like homemade bread.

What is Tapioca Flour?

Tapioca flour is not the same as tapioca starch, however it derives from the same plant. The main difference is that tapioca starch has been taken from the starch of the plant whilst the root is used to make the flour. Tapioca flour is gluten free and has a smooth  appearance, similar to plain white flour, and provides a chewy texture and crisp edge to bread making. It almost a pure carbohydrate with no fat content and free from sugar. It is arguably one of the best flour substitutes for gluten free baking as it performs in the same way as wheat flour and produces some amazing end results when it comes to baking.

Tapioca starch is often used as a thickener in stews and soups and acts in the same way as cornstarch.

Buy tapioca flour from our range of options available below including organic tapioca flour.


  • Organic Tapioca Flour 25kg Bulk

    Organic Tapioca Flour

    From €2.08
    In Stock
    Estimated Delivery: Monday 24 December
  • Tapioca Starch 25kg Bulk

    Tapioca Starch

    From €1.23
    In Stock
    Estimated Delivery: Monday 24 December
  • Sago Pearls (Also known as Sago Seeds or Tapioca Pearls) 10kg

    Sago Pearls

    From €1.36
    In Stock
    Estimated Delivery: Wednesday 26 December

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