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We’re not a fan of tiny tempeh. We believe in giving you the mightiest tempeh in the land! Few things in life nourish us more than tasty and healthy food. So rest assured: here you can buy tempeh of unbeatable quality and deliciousness, to flat-out ‘wow’ your taste buds, family and foodie friends. Not fully familiar with tempeh? Scroll down for more tasty and healthy info.

What is it?

Tempeh is a fermented soya food made from a variety of ingredients. Soybeans are the common ‘building material’ for making all varieties of this unique and wholly satisfying food. However, we wanted to help you keep your cooking options open, supplying a simple but tip-top quality tempeh made solely from soya beans, water and that all important ‘rhizopus’ culture. It’s a delicious organic tempeh product with a simplicity perfect for a thousand and one far eastern recipes. Or any kind of recipe for that matter. Read on for more tips on how to use and make the most of your tasty tempeh!

Why buy tempeh?

  • It’s richly nutritious, containing lots of healthy nutrients including vitamin B12 and a good supply of protein too.
  • It’s a fantastic vegetarian and vegan resource. Use it to make tempeh burgers, sandwiches, seasoned crisp tempeh and many more recipes (see below).
  • It will open up a whole new area of cooking beauty to you and everyone who enjoys your food. Once you have started making and eating a few distinctive tempeh recipes, you simply will not look back.
  • It’s meaty, filling and fulfilling. So if you’ve been meaning to cut down the amount of meat you consume – which is often wise – or just looking for a hearty, substantial meal: our natural and organic tempeh is your perfect cooking buddy.

How to use

You can just enjoy your tasty organic tempeh straight from the jar (our staff do!). However, most of us prefer it cooked, and there are lots of inventive ways of using tempeh in sweet and savoury cooking of all descriptions! Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best vegan and vegetarian tempeh recipes.

Please note: we didn’t include meat recipes for 2 main reasons. Firstly, one of the key benefits of tempeh is that it’s an absolutely ideal natural meat substitute. So traditionally, and currently, it’s hardly ever cooked with meat in the same dish. Secondly, as more and more research warns us of the potential unhealthiness of consuming too much animal protein (or animal products in general), we are keen to encourage all our UK and EU customers to moderate their intake as much as possible.

Healthy and tasty tempeh recipes

So have fun trying some of these very special tempeh recipes – we’re sure you’ll be suitably impressed!

Vegan Coach

Though this website looks a little minimalist, it’s full of delicious vegetarian and vegan tempeh recipes. Not to mention a heap of cooking tips to help you get the most out of things.

Choose Veg

Another mix of beautiful tempeh recipes. They look more than good enough to eat. In fact, they all look good enough to cook and eat very regularly. Mmm-mmm!

So… That big glut of healthy scrumptiousness should serve you well for more than a short while. No need to overwhelm you with any more choice!

Final advice: you should always try to keep a lid on your tempeh …or you might end up with a bitter taste in your mouth. And make sure you keep your tempeh in a cool zone.

Professional tempeh suppliers

We deliver flexible bulk tempeh supply services to businesses of all sizes across the UK and Europe. We have over a decade of experience in selecting and distributing the very best tempeh products across the continent. So if you own a traditional restaurant, bar, café, snack stall, health food shop or any other type of business get in touch with our expert team. We will offer you free advice and guidance on the best ways to organise and order your tempeh supplies in bulk, at intervals and in quantities that suit you.


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