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Turmeric powder, also known as “Haldi powder” is one of the most widely recognisable spices of all. Not only does it have glorious yellow-golden hue, it’s very commonly used in all kinds of Indian and Asian cuisine. Turmeric powder is mild and lightly aromatic with subtle hints of orange, ginger and a slightly bitter tinge. This gorgeous root spice is mostly blended with other herbs and spice to create delicious and flavoursome curry recipes. Lots of our customers love to use our natural and organic turmeric powder to add striking colour and vibrancy to rice, curries, soups - you name it. And it’s a great thickening agent too.

A healthy heritage

The brilliance of turmeric powder spans far beyond its unique flavour. For generations, even centuries, people have ascribed a whole host of healthy properties to this wonderful spice. While we are not at liberty to put weight to this reputation ourselves, we know lots of our UK and European customers swear by it on a regular basis!

Buy high-strength turmeric supplies

A major player in the nutritional makeup of turmeric powder is the active ingredient “curcumin”. We strongly recommend a little research into the dietary properties of this multi-talented component! It’s also well worth noting that the relative curcumin content of our different turmeric powders. Our natural but non-organic turmeric contains 2-3% curcumin; our organic turmeric curcumin content is between 3-4% and the double strength turmeric powder packs more than a pinch of a punch of around 6% curcumin! The choice is yours, but there’s no disputing our staff’s current favourite option.

Natural and organic choice

As with all our wholefood products, we love to offer great organic choice. Buying organic turmeric will equip you with two huge dietary benefits.

Firstly, going organic will maximise the quality of your nutritional intake. And secondly, organic produce so often delivers the very best flavour to your food, friends and family. In fact, many of our customers regularly report (with notable delight) just how big the taste improvement was when they switched just one of their favourite foods out for the organic “upgrade”!

So if you’re already fond of this precious powder, we strongly recommend opting for organic turmeric whenever possible.

Buy turmeric supplies in bulk

If you own a restaurant, catering business or commercial establishment of any kind, then buying in bulk is always a bonus. We will always offer competitive rates and flexible delivery arrangements to suit any business, no matter your industry, size and location throughout the UK or Europe. So please get in touch with out expert team to see how we could help your business with its turmeric and other food supply needs. We can offer no obligation quotes, or just free, impartial advice on managing your bulk purchase orders.


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